The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is the lead government body responsible and legally mandated for environmental management. The vision of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is to ensure a clean and healthy environment in Ethiopia to create a better living environment to meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is responsible to ensure the realization of the environmental rights, goals, objectives and basic principles enshrined in the Constitution as well as the Environment Policy of Ethiopia through coordinating appropriate measures, establishing systems, developing programmes and mechanisms for the welfare of humans and the safety of the environment.

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Ethiopia aims to achieve middle-income status by 2025 while developing a green economy. Following the conventional development path would, among other adverse effects, result in a sharp increase in GHG emissions and unsustainable use of natural resources. To avoid such negative effects, the government has developed a strategy to build a green economy. It is now starting to transform the strategy into action and welcomes collaboration with domestic and international partners.

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Government of Ethiopia and World Bank Sign US$18 Million Grant Agreement for Improving the enabling environment for sustainable forest management and investment in Oromia National Regional State

A Grant Agreement amounting to US$18 million was signed on Thursday 23 March 2017 between the Federal Democratic Republic of ...
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Ethiopia’s Growth Enabling to Implement Climate Resilient, Green Development Strategy: Professor Sterner

Addis Ababa April 25/2017 The rapid economic growth in Ethiopia can create good opportunity and enabling situation in implementing its ...
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Light Rail Transit Brings Honor to Addis

Addis Ababa April 21/2017 The Light Rail Transit (LRT) of Addis Ababa has brought honor to City of Addis Ababa ...
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Sweden Supporting Development of Ethiopia’s Forestry Resource

Addis Ababa February 25/2017 Sweden is committed to supporting the development of Ethiopia’s forestry resource which contributes to the livelihood ...
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Ethiopia Launches Sustainable Intervention for Green Cities

Addis Ababa February 22/2017 Ethiopia and the United Nations development program (UNDP) have launched an intervention that will enhance the ...
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Minister Calls on Stakeholders to Exert More Effort to Ensure Green Economy

Addis Ababa Feburary 10/2017 Stakeholders are expected to exert more effort to ensure sustainable green economy in the country, Ministry ...
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Certificate of competence Professional certificate compliance Law enforcement support ...
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Environment License for Environmentalist ...
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PROCLAMATION NO 29912002 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT WHEREAS, environmental impact assessment is used to predict and manage the environmental effects which ...
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Climate change technology needs assessment of Ethiopia

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National Communication of Ethiopia

National Communication of Ethiopia to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – June 2001 (Federal Democratic Republic ...
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National context of the Forest Sector in Ethiopia

National context of the Forest Sector in Ethiopia History of Forest Management in Ethiopia: Evolution of governance and Institutions under ...
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Ethiopia Forest fast-track implementation

Ethiopia, Forest fast-track implementation: Ethiopia’s action plan to create a green economy One of the four initiatives that have been ...
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Ethiopia Forest Sector GHG Emissions

Ethiopia, Forest Sector GHG Emissions GHG emissions baseline in 2010 and BAU up to 2030 Emissions from the Forestry sector ...
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Forest Abatement levers

Forest Abatement levers: Potential and Cost curve Thanks to levers such as afforestation and reforestation, the Forestry sector boasts an ...
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Abatement levers feasibility

Abatement levers – feasibility and economic impact assessment Feasible levers with high impact The initiatives that reduce forest degradation as ...
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About Forest Sector

About Forest Sector of Ethiopia The Forest sector was under Ministry of Agriculture before the Ministry of Environment and Forest ...
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