MEFCC Objectives

Goal 1: Strengthening Institutional, Human Resource, Technological and Financial Capacity which enable Environmental Safeguard and benefit from Forest Development

Goal 2: By coordinating, supporting and implementing sector oriented green economy interventions which are identified under Green Economy strategy which is intended to reduce 147 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and ensure sustainable development which is resilient to the negative impacts caused by climate change

Goal 3: Increasing Forest Sector GDP contribution from existing 4% to 8%

Goal 4: Increasing the national forest cover from existing 15.5% to 20% through supporting the identification, demarcation, registration and protection of forest land/resource and undertaking research supported forest development

Goal 5: Developing a system which ensures environmental safety and forest resource development, protection and sustainable utilization

Goal 6: Ensuring whether the required measures are taken in order to adequately prevent disposal of wastes and pollution of environmental resource which occurs due to the industrial and urban expansion as well as change of mode of life

Goal 7: Establish modern data base center that support planning, implementing and monitoring environmental and forest development intervention and preparing international environmental and forest status reports.